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The Importance of Correct Seat and Mirror Adjustments Before Driving

Posted on:July 2, 2023 at 10:30 AM

The Importance of Correct Seat and Mirror Adjustments Before Driving

Before you start the engine and hit the road, one of the first things you need to check is your seat and mirror adjustments. This isn’t just about comfort - it’s a vital step to ensure your safety and others on the road.

Why is Correct Seat Adjustment Crucial?

Correct seat adjustment can make a significant difference to your control over the car and comfort during the drive. It helps you maintain the right posture, reducing the risk of backaches and fatigue during long drives. More importantly, it ensures you can reach and operate the pedals, steering wheel, and controls effectively.

The Importance of Mirror Adjustments

The mirrors of your car are your eyes on the road. They provide a clear view of the traffic and environment around your vehicle, helping you make safe decisions on the road. Incorrectly adjusted mirrors can create blind spots, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Pre-Driving Test Checks

When you’re about to take your driving test, the examiner will expect you to make these adjustments before you start the engine. A part of your evaluation includes your ability to prepare the car for a safe drive, which involves proper seat and mirror adjustments.

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